The Kirby Cross Association (Discontinued)

The Prologue - Page 16

Date Posted: October 3rd, 2017, 7:50 am
Roboduck reject coming through. Violet doesn't keep them all after all...shush though its a secret.

Author Notes

Kinn, Blu-Dee and Duck Ey' My Weak Characters Enter the stage in a fitting fashion, by falling. Each with some secret tied to them or unique trait...

Kinn "Keypad": Optimistic and Pessimistic, she's a kind heart who's willing to help with an quirk of great like of dark spaces, not exactly a fighter actually no fighting skills or memories from past other then always looking for a certain dogg...this dogg knows something...but it isn't here.

Blu-Dee (2): This Dee is the caretaker of Kinn and jokey, he taught her how to talk and basic skills well caring for her, his cooking is superb but his fighting is worse than someone who literally has no fighting skills...also he can create unreliable portals for quick escape..

Duck': Found on their journey and basically just their to be moral support, it can't DO anything but Kinn insists on keeping it as a pet. I guess it might have some use but really it's just...useless.

Hopefully theirs no problem with the upload...oy' Bark.


Nice job!