The Kirby Cross Association (Discontinued)

The Prologue - Page 17

Date Posted: October 3rd, 2017, 7:27 pm

Author Notes

Arian discusses his plans for the future of the base!


You got Currently:
-Arian: Leader and Healer
-Unknown Named Helper
-A Tech-savvy Matthew
-Kinn who's abilities to be seen later but mostly helpful in spirit lifting and escaping/saving people to an extent.
-A Duck...A R-shot- it's cute.
-Stella The Sleeping Kirby With Unknown Ablities.
-Blu-Dee A Fantastic cook with unreliable portals and protection skills but no building experience...

Welp we don't really have one with Mason capabilities do we?
you don't know that for fact...
@lawlfles_skitty: I never stated it as fact, that was speculation...a comment. :3

Besides i recently got news that their will be one with wall building capablities oy'

Other thing I kinda want to make another comic again towards Kinn meeting (and uniting) the current crew of Stella, Matthew, ????, and Arian. but that's up in WIP currently...I don't have stella's sprites and idk alot about them or ya guys we appear online at different times.

This kinda of idea generator comes from been a daily comic author...all but saturday and sunday that is...i spent that time working on comics for next week.
Stella’s sprites are in the bio. You click on them, and the Sprite sheet comes.
@BestBuilder101: Stella's bio and mine aren't there...
What bio?
There are only three bios in the Character page so far unless it’s been updated recently
Huh... right.
Heyy! Stella's sprites are up noww! Sorry for the delay, I was late making a bio...
Not every sprite has the spots on her hat, fyi! Please make sure the spots are there when using a sprite! You may ask me to add them on a specific sprite(s) if you'd likee!