The Kirby Cross Association (Discontinued)

The Prologue - Page 18

Date Posted: October 6th, 2017, 8:24 pm
What's the correct response to "Are you OK?" in this situation?

Probably "No, I was just hit by a purple, flying, manic"

Author Notes

And now Kibble...

Falls in?

Smashes stuff as he lands?


He's meeting everyone in one page, technically, while also (maybe) getting them to go to the Base to see what happened.

Now to PM all the authors here to give them my sprites...

Actually, do any of you guys (Apart from CC and Builder, I know they do) have a Discord account? If you do, and we make a server on there, we can talk about what's gonna happen, and we can plan stuff and share sprites, plus it's convenient.


I can make a discord group, can everyone post their discord here or make a private message to me about it?
@Numine: We should do it via PMs.
You make the Discord group, and then PM all the authors the Invite Link.

OR... If you're not sure how to do that, I could do it for you. I do have CC and Builder as friends on Discord anyway, so I won't have to PM those two
@Numine: I can't really use discord unfortunately. My internet is too slow.