The Kirby Cross Association (Discontinued)

The Prologue - Page 20

Date Posted: October 9th, 2017, 10:30 am
Poor Stella and Matt might think they're under attack.

Author Notes

I wanted to use those eyes for a while now.

Meet Kort. He's a Kirby with powers based off the Portal Gun from Portals. He uses orange and blue energy to open up portals, but like in portals, he can only open one side of a portal at a time and only maintain a single portal. The energy he uses to open these portals is usually harmless. He can also only open portals on flat surfaces. For his portals, I just use a shape tool, take the colors from his feet, and then I just used a brush effect on the inside of the portals that is only open on one side. Blu-Dee has seen portals, but not like Kort's.

I had to improvise Blu-Dee sprites by recoloring Waddle Dee sprites. The quality of the ones I had to work with at the time weren't as good, and it was faster for me to just make my own in the process of making this page than it was to request a fixed version of the sheet.

The reason I used two text colors for Kort is because he has a split personality. The one represented by the orange text used at the bottom of the page is serious about everything and quite literal. The one represented by the blue text used most of the page is silly and easily distracted.

I actually made this page before the 18th page, but I decided to redo it. Then I had to redo the last panel because Page 19 was posted before this, and I had Kibble outside the base. I posted this one the same day because I didn't want to have to fix anything again when I'm probably the only co-author this comic has that can't use Discord.

I can give the portals I made for this page if anyone needs them.


i really like kort's design!!
@lawlfles_skitty: Thanks. I even got his design idea from Portals.
How even...