The Kirby Cross Association (Discontinued)

The Prologue - Page 31

Date Posted: November 13th, 2017, 3:29 pm

Author Notes


Hm... I think I'd better make the next page.
@Nova Ozuka: Sorry to inform you, but Lawlfles intends to make the next page, and I have an update already made for directly after that.

Thank you for your patience.
@Numine: Of course see this message AFTER I already finished it. Just my luck. :P

Oh well, at least this saves me the trouble of trying to upload it.
@Nova Ozuka: Since you made an alt ver of next comic in word of next comic...can i see it? '-' via email to link of place wheres placed or something.

also curious if you've got any comics pre-planned or planned to make later for Kirby card clash or if it's on hiatas.
i'm interested in seeing it as well! Yeah, the comic is on temporary hiatus. Like I said before, I plan to bring KCC back in December, preferably before Christmas. I'm planning a comic page where Ge-Trick prank calls Keeby with Kirby's phone.

Which reminds me, I need an idea for his prank call.

I look forward to see where this comic goes.

It just seems familiar to me for some reason ;p
@Muix: *Cough*KirbyDreamTeam*Cough*...
Sorry about the coughing, I am curious what you meant about that. *coughcough*exactlythat*cough**wheeze*